Family Ministries of Florida

Family Ministries of Florida, a 501(c)3 charitable organization in Seffner, Florida is seeking charitable contributions to facilitate the growth of our program and the development of our Wellness Center. We are aware that your foundation supports charitable organizations in the state of Florida and that it is interested in youth, education, health, and the economically challenged. Family Ministries of Florida runs a unique program that provides quality care, education, and health awareness to the foster youth of Florida who are sent to our programs.


Mission Statement

Provide quality homes and an educational environment, both of which are grounded in Christian principles, to develop a Spiritual Character in at-risk youth.


Working with at-risk youth is our passion. The local public schools are struggling. They are over-crowded and there is not much support for the family coming from the schools. A child will spend way more of their “awake” time at school each day than they will with their family. 

Statistics show that childhood obesity continues to rise at alarming rates. Schools no longer challenge their students to get physically active. Without our programs, the students that we currently serve would likely not succeed academically in the classroom. There is little opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis, and their therapeutic needs are not met. We have numerous examples of youth whom we have helped to turn their lives around. We like to reach families before the breakdown occurs.

The youth that have had to come to be in our care did not instigate the situations that resulted in their need for our services. It was not their choice for their family to breakdown. We have an opportunity to change their family cycle and help them to begin a new legacy.


Bob Sharp has served as the Executive Director of Family Ministries of Florida since 2000. He served as the Resident Director from 1995-2000, and as a House Parent from 1992-1995. He has worked extensively with the youth and their very specific needs for 24 years. 

Organizational History

Family Ministries of Florida is on the verge of creating an extraordinary new dimension to it’s an all-encompassing program. Dating back to 1976, Family Ministries began as a satellite unit of Cookson Hills Christian Ministries. After opening its doors, the Florida operation ministered to meet the needs of many children and their families under the umbrella of the main unit in Oklahoma. As the ministry in Florida grew every year, it became clear that the Florida operation needed to incorporate and have a governing body in the state of Florida. In July of 2000, the board of Cookson Hills Christian Ministries turned the Florida operation over to the new organization now known as Family Ministries of Florida. In 2001, a new childcare cottage and administrative building were opened. A new board of directors chose to expand its mission in 2004. Legacy Christian Academy, a fully accredited private Christian School with the goal of using a comprehensive Christian curriculum to help students achieve academic excellence was the result of their efforts.


Family Ministries provides for at-risk youth the opportunity to learn how to be part of a family unit while learning the value of: work hard, play hard, pray hard. Family Ministries, thru Legacy Christian Academy, educates at risk-youth by meeting them where they are educationally and moving them forward to meet their education goals. Family Ministries provides a safe environment for at-risk youth to be able to engage in age appropriate behavior and to develop a spiritually-based character.

All of our efforts help ensure that these youths will be good spouses, parents and positive members of society. We provide a home and an education for at-risk youth that cannot live at home for one reason or another. There is typically some kind of breakdown (divorce, addiction, death, incarceration, etc.) in the family that leads to the children not being able to live with their biological parents. These children are placed in our program either privately (that is, placed by their parent, grandparent, whoever has legal guardianship of them) or through the Foster Care System.

Our current programs include:

  • Residential Children’s Home
  • Legacy Christian Academy (grades K-12) with an individual education strategy for each student.
  • BASE Program (Balametrics and Sensory Enhancement)

The children we work with come from the following areas:

  • The Residential Children’s Home Program: The children we serve come from within the State of Florida. Mostly from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee Counties.
  • Legacy Christian Academy: Our current students come from our residential program and the Seffner, Mango, Greater Brandon Area.

We are located in Hillsborough County and we serve Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Manatee Counties. We serve at-risk youth from all walks of life. Our school serves 1st grade thru 12th grade. Many of our students have some kind of academic deficiency and some are exceptional students and do very well in school.