iMPACT Compassion Center

 iMPACT! Tri-Cities Compassion Center is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit located in Kennewick, Washington. We serve the Tri-Cities area of Washington, which includes; Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, and several small, surrounding communities. The populations served include those who have no support system and who are frequently unable to find positive resources to skills support or other essential resources that they need for their various specific situations and needs.  We help them to find innovative solutions utilizing a combination of government, faith-based, business, and community resources in partnership to ensure that they receive support that inspires hope, healing,  compassion, training, and tools essential to their personal recovery in life. Our centralized resource and navigation point links people with area community resources and outreach opportunities in a way no other service has.


There are significant gaps in our community – cracks that impact people, families, our community systems, and in-turn, our whole community sees the results. We see

  • broken homes
  •  children without one or both parents
  •  severe health problems
  • emotional illness
  • co-dependency on others and government
  • unsafe living environments
  • abuse and neglect
  • violence and gangs
  • addictions
  • youth failing in school and in life
  • people feeling alone and uncared for
  • suicide
  • on-going cycles of poverty and homelessness
  • special needs and disabilities
  • unemployment
  • people without confidence or strength
  • lack of knowledge of true needs and how to overcome life hardships

We see people with no positive support systems, overwhelmingly frustrated with being unable to identify the core of their issues, how to fix it, where to go for help, and how to sort through of the challenges or our complicated, broken, community systems. Age, gender, income, and education do not separate us in these areas – we all struggle, it is how we overcome these struggles that defines our outcome/s.

There is a big disconnect that is apparent throughout our community

  • businesses, nonprofit agencies, and churches in competition for finances or clients/customers/people
  • differences in beliefs or values that drive a wedge between people
  • lack of awareness of resources and how to access them
  • gaps between needs in our community and our community getting actively involved in meeting these needs
  • and lack of awareness of each person’s and each organizations strengths, resources, and role in reaching back into the community to be an active part of community solutions.

Our community, working together, in value, in care and compassion, in unity – is the answer.

Mission Statement

Finding innovative solutions to strengthen our families and community by: building community awareness of obvious, and unspoken needs; proactively building new partnerships and collaborative solutions; uniting our faith-based, nonprofit, government, business, and general community; promoting volunteerism and community giving; and providing a centralized navigation point that offers needs assessment, education, strength-building, guidance, and community resource connections.

Vision and Values

We are a faith-based, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization founded on Christian values: a culture of respect, human compassion, and love for others. We believe, when given help recognizing obvious and underlying needs, assistance navigating barriers to  meeting immediate needs or goals, aid in navigating system challenges, support, and resource tools to help connect with the multitude of community-related resources, we can empower people to overcome their life challenges, meet their needs, gain strength and direction, and live a happier, healthier, and better quality of life. We believe that we are all blessed with gifts, strengths, skills/abilities, resources, and interests/passions that, when identified and encouraged, can provide personal healing and growth, offers new-found life direction and purpose. When we apply our unique personal or organization-related strengths and resources, we can utilize these strengths to give back to our community, bridging gaps, finding innovative solutions, and create a new and stronger community unit. “….it is only through cooperative planning, intelligent study and group action – activities on the part of the entire community – that lasting results can be achieved.” – W.K. Kellogg


Jennifer Felicitas is an experienced mental health counselor. During her years of experience in the field, she has worked with thousands of people with varying levels of needs utilizing direct support working alongside nonprofit and government organizations. Through this experience, she has noticed the broader picture of what resources were available and the barriers to many faced in attempting to receive help. She saw the real needs of our community, the issues present in the current systems, gaps in services, lack of community involvement, and the significant results of these issues not being met. As a result, she founded iMPACT Tri-Cities Compassion Center in order to rectify these issues in order to better serve the people in her community.


We proactively collaborate with our community to identify unmet needs by promoting volunteerism, business, and organization involvement as resources, create innovative solutions through partnering, building new programs,  strengthening current services, and reducing the significant community and system gaps. We assist people in understanding the challenges which created their life situations and needs by offering guidance, skill-building, self-empowerment tools, education, encouragement, hope, navigation of systems, and connecting them with community resources.

We are promoting our efforts online and through social media. We are also distributing thousands of community resource directories throughout the community at targeted and public accessible locations. We are also developing a media/community awareness video, promote our efforts through public service announcements, presentations to local nonprofit/government and social service clubs, and word-of-mouth. We are doing all that we can to ensure that the community who needs us has access to our resources.

We have designed an organization that offers programs and services unlike anything else in the state of Washington. We are a community builder. We are actively promoting community-wide engagement and involvement in helping to address unmet needs. We have identified the deeper level of issues, needs, and how to aid people in overcoming these barriers through our services and programs that address of these identified areas. Without our agency, services, and support, we have what is failing in our community; homelessness, mental health, abuse, neglect, broken families, crime, struggling youth, addictions, division, isolation, agencies in competition (rather than partnering together for solutions and strength), a community lost, and needs growing greater and deeper.


Navigator Program

This is a “life direction and navigation service” designed to do help those that are “stuck,” frustrated at trying to overcoming their needs or situations without success, and may lack the confidence, skills, or awareness of where to go and how to access resources to assist them. Each person works with a team to help identify the issues or goals, obstacles, support systems or lack thereof, offer problem-solving aid, set tangible steps to reach their goals, encouragement, self-empowerment tools, support in connecting with support resources, and hands-on aid in navigation our  complicated “systems.” This program offers different levels of support for those in-need, as well as those who desire to give back to the community.

  1. ADOPT-A-FAMILY (Tier 2 Program – more intense, hands-on learning and support) We have designed a program that will come alongside high-risk families in our community and provide a healthy, stable, and encouraging support system as they get the help needed to stabilize their home. Many of these individuals may be connected to a case worker and have government-connected requirements, but, have limited, or no, positive, supportive, people in their lives, not attached to agency requirements, to aid them in sorting through their life struggles, stabilizing their lives and keeping their families together. Families may choose to be “adopted” and have in-home guidance, support, friendship, and encouragement by a person, family, or group who make a year-long commitment.
    We will work with our community, to help individuals identify their strengths, skills, attributes, and gifts, and opportunities to use these strengths for personal development, job or career direction, work on goals, or find ways to use these strengths to invest back into the community through volunteerism.

Community Resource Directory (Printed Publication & Electronic Website Database)

We have developed the most, comprehensive, community resource directory, in the state of Washington, covering obvious, as well as unspoken community needs and community-related resources. Years have been spent, through direct counseling and social work with hundreds upon hundreds of individuals and families in the Tri-Cities, working directly with area nonprofit and government organizations, participating in dozens of community task force groups, and getting a in-depth, and broad awareness of the resources we have, the resources we are lacking, the gaps in our systems, and what can be done to bridge these gaps in tangible and creative ways. One of our solutions, is through our community resource directory. This will be a free, online directory, and printed publication with over 50,000 copies to be distributed in targeted and public locations, so that the whole community can become fully aware of the resources and how to connect with them. We believe that no person should have to struggle in life due to lack of knowing where to go for help. We have seen true blessings of lives changed dramatically, just through having a copy of our community resource directory to use to connect with the area aid. Most people in our community have very little idea of the vast array of resources, and this lack of information results in people, families, and communities failing.

Trainings and Workshops

A wide variety of educational trainings and workshops will be offered to the community, including; parenting education for families with teenagers, financial management, life skills, self-empowerment, healing, mental health, addictions, at-risk youth social and character-building skills, spiritual guidance, career assessment and job preparation, and other opportunities that meet unmet needs. We want to provide people with education, skills, tools, and resources so that they can  overcome, learn, gather strength, become empowered, and move towards their goals.

Community 4 Change

When communities come together, mountains are moved, valleys are crossed, and cities heal and grow! Our local businesses, organizations, and families, make our Tri-Cities thrive on so many levels, and rely upon the people in our community, for their successes. In-turn, our whole community can play a vital role in giving back and being a significant part of community solutions.

We will also utilize our Facebook page and website in connecting people in-need, with our community of givers, and those who wish to get involved, with real-time, opportunities to serve. By doing this, we are supporting our community, at the greatest, and most efficient level/s possible.

  1. Partnership Building – We are proactively partnering with area businesses, nonprofits, government, schools, and general community, to have dialogue about what they recognize as unmet needs and ideas for solutions. We will assist these organizations in the creation of new outreach activities/services, that support their organizations’ mission and goals. Such outreach planning may result in new trainings, projects and programs, church benevolence ministries, business grants, business clothing/housing/utility/other voucher assistance, and other innovative solutions.
  2. Volunteer Connect – We actively promote volunteerism and community investment by working with organizations and people, to help identify their unique gifts, resources, strengths, skills/abilities, and areas of passion/interest. We will “match” them with nonprofit, church, and government agencies who have the need for support, through the giving of volunteer time, in- kind contributions, and financial donations.
  3. Giving Tree – Community Giving Board  – We actively promote community giving and involvement. Social service-related organizations have a free resource to publicize their needs for volunteer or contribution support, announcement of programs or services, and share of fundraising efforts. People in-need of tangible basic/family/household needs, can be screened for financial needs, and needs posted on our community outreach sites, where the community can give-back, in real and hands-on ways.
  4. iMPACT! Leadership Groups – We have needs-specific, leadership groups, to bring together community changers, pulling together their insight, resources, experience, and connections to bridge gaps in proactive ways.