NorthPointe Resources

NorthPointe Resources is a charitable organization that provides support services for youth and adults with disabilities and/or mental illness. Program participants have access to an extensive system of services and award-winning programs that stress independence, healthy living and active community participation. The mission of NorthPointe Resources is to empower people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or mental illness to develop their full potential in the workplace and community. NorthPointe Resources (NRI) began in 1953 when Wayne Pollard, a father, discovered there were no options other than institutional care for his daughter Carolyn. Instead, Mr. Pollard chose to keep his daughter at home and devoted his life to developing services and funding that would give her quality of life options. He sought out other families in the same situation and with donations from service organizations and family members, was able to establish a school.

NorthPointe’s service offerings grew rapidly through the decades as the need for services increased and the ways for supporting people with disabilities evolved and changed. From humble beginnings, NRI has grown into a highly successful education, training, and employment enterprise with many programs and services that annually assist more than 500 people with intellectual/developmental  disabilities (I/DD) and/or mental illness. Despite tremendous growth both organizationally and programmatically, NRI’s undertaking has remained the same: to empower people with disabilities and special needs to develop their full potential in the workplace and community.


Vision Statement

To live in a world that embraces and values the uniqueness of us all, respects diversity, and practices inclusion across all aspects of community life.

Mission Statement

To empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their dreams.

Our values


By having a clear mission and vision, everyone has an understanding of our purpose — that we are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

Conscious excellence

We believe everyone deserves to experience service excellence. We are inspired by our mission to exceed expectations and build positive, long-lasting relationships internally and externally.


We believe in the importance of an environment where diversity is embraced and everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. We treat each other and all who are touched by our agency as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Rigorously ethical

We understand that there are no gray areas and we do what is right. We are trustworthy, accountable and responsible for our actions. We do not cut corners or compromise the truth. We keep our promises and commitments.


We achieve our results through honest communication and collaboration. We believe passionately in learning and sharing best practices across and beyond our organization.


We invest in health and wellness practices and education for the benefit of everyone at NorthPointe and in the community. The positive effects allow us to be more productive in all aspects of life — personal and professional.

Organizational History

In 1953, Wayne Pollard, on behalf of his daughter Carolyn, asked the  question…“What quality of life choices exist for a person with a disability?” He sadly discovered there were no options other than institutional care, where warehousing over 5,000 people was common.

Wayne had a vision—what if people with disabilities had opportunities to realize their dreams through a person-centered plan, so that they can have the same options to live, work and be contributing members in their community—just like you? He decided to make this vision his mission.

In the 1950’s, the Lake County Educational Society for Retarded Children was established. Seven children attended classes taught by two teachers. The needs kept growing and four schools were added and a program for teens was opened. In the 1960’s, programs expanded and a pre-school for children with special needs was opened. In 1975, Sheltered Workshop services continued to grow in response to the work-training needs. Because of the growth, a new location with double the space was found. In 1984, a 72,000 square foot building, The Killian Center, was purchased and NorthPointe initiates supported residential services with options for independent living.

The residential program grew to support 75 men and women in homes throughout the community in the 1990’s. Vocational services expanded to include community work crews, business partnerships, career planning and educational seminars. A new Psycho-Social Rehabilitation program was initiated to assist persons with mental illness re-integrate into the community. In the 2000’s, A new high school transition service was implemented as well as a Seniors Program.

Our clients live and work in Lake County, northwestern Cook County, and parts of McHenry County, Illinois. NorthPointe’s Killian Center and community homes are located in Lake County Illinois. Our clients live and work in Lake County,  northwestern Cook County, and parts of McHenry County, Illinois.

Organizational Purpose

To Create Opportunities

North Pointe Resources provides services and programs for children, youth, and adults with disabilities and mental illness. Program participants have access to an extensive system of services and award­-winning programs that stress independence, healthy living, and active community participation.

Our focus is people

Our agency culture is built on a foundation of mutual respect, honesty, integrity, service, and open communication. This culture sets us apart, provides an optimum experience for program participants, and drives us to deliver the best service possible. It means that everything we do is geared to help program participants live full, meaningful lives. Whether our participants choose employment, residency, or leisure activities, our passion for creating extraordinary results will help guide their success.

Wellness at NorthPointe

As health and wellness industry leaders, we are dedicated to providing a culture of wellness in which each person has the support and opportunity to participate voluntarily in healthy lifestyles. Our goal is for all program participants and staff to embrace the benefits of integrating wellness into daily activities. Planning should never cease, regardless of age or ability.

Our commitment is to excellence

We have received numerous recognitions and awards as a result of our dedication to quality services with superior standards. We are:

  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Long-standing members of IARF (Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities)
  • One of the first agencies in the United States to receive accreditation for the Self-Directed Services program
  • One of fifteen agencies in the state of Illinois awarded an Employment First Act grant
  • A chosen leader to provide for Lake County High School students with disabilities so they can receive community employment services while still in school

We are licensed by the government through the Division of Human Services (DHS). All of our services are continuously monitored by our quality assurance team to ensure the health, safety, and happiness of each person we support.

The Problem

NorthPointe Resources is vital to the community, people with disabilities and mental illness and their families. People with disabilities and those with mental illness deserve the opportunity to live a full life that stresses independence, healthy living and community participation and inclusion. NorthPointe Resources helps create that possibility and thereby transforms lives. Without the support services we provide, many people with disabilities and/or mental illness would be placed in state institutions or would be cared for by family members who do not have the skills necessary to provide specialized care.

  • Without proper support systems in place, some could even become homeless.
  • Without our job skills training, job placement services and job coaching, many people with disabilities and/or mental illness would be unemployed and be a burden on their families or society – NorthPointe Resources helps end poverty for people with disabilities and mental illness.
  • Without our focus on healthy lifestyles, people with disabilities would suffer the chronic health consequences of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles.
  • If NorthPointe resources had to discontinue our Choice Classes, people with disabilities would not have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow.
  • NorthPointe Resources helps people with disabilities and mental illness have a voice through self-advocacy support. Without our services, their voices would go unheard.
  • Without our recreational activities such as horseback riding, creative arts, and volunteerism, people with disabilities could feel unfulfilled and lose out on social and community involvement.

Organizational Programs


Support • Outreach • Achievement • Recovery • Resilience
SOARR is a mental health program that focuses on long-term recovery for people diagnosed with chronic mental illness and/or co-occurring psychiatric disabilities. Services include psychological evaluation, individual and group therapy/counseling, relapse prevention, and wellness strategies, expressive art therapy and psychological evaluations. In addition, SOARR offers:

  • Healthy Coping Strategies
  • Community Support Services (services provided in your home or local community)
  • Opportunity for social engagement
  • Customized person-centered services
  • Accessibility via public transportation (both PACE and Metra)
  • Referral sources for employment and other additional services
  • Transportation assistance between nursing facility and apartment homes

Residential Services

Residential services offer the opportunity to live in the community and participate in its activities. Our Residential services offer a variety of housing options, all of which foster independence and active involvement in the community.

Residential Support Services

On-site staff, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, provide the unique level of care each resident requires. Staffed by trained professionals, our homes offer  personalized assistance to each resident according to their individual need.

Intermittent Support

Many people wish to live independently with minimal support. Some on their own, others with a roommate, and some prefer to stay in their own homes. We focus on understanding specific wants while supporting needs, to ensure that the correct plan is developed with the right support assistance.

Caregiver Connections

Caregiver Connections-awarded by the State of Illinois to NorthPointe for nine consecutive years-is a support service for caregivers and parents of children (up to five years of age) experiencing social and emotional adjustment issues.

Home Based Support Services

NorthPointe’s Home Based Support Service facilitators identify and manage the correct funding needed to support unique care needs for families who prefer to receive services in their homes.

The Day Program at the Killian Center

Community engagement is a priority at NorthPointe, which includes employment and while at the center expanding the social, personal, and work skills necessary to succeed in the community being involved in community activities.


NorthPointe offers employment candidates a variety of ways to approach a career. Employment Resources Personal advisors help candidates explore job interests, determine career goals, and conduct a job search while also providing the training and ongoing support needed to be successful.

Entrepreneurial Services

Owning a business (a micro-enterprise) offers an alternative way to earn an income. Support options include training, business development, marketing and technology support.

Business Training Pre-employment classes

To help prepare individuals for community employment, we offer pre-employment classes as well as paid training and employment opportunities.

Expanded Learning and Activities

Choice Classes: Sessions are scheduled every six weeks and cover a variety of subjects including horticulture, science, creative activities, and computer skills. We also offer individualized support systems for program participants who would like to experience college and higher education.

Health Matters

Staying healthy is important. We offer classes and activities to help program  participants understand the importance of healthy choices.

Special Interests

Advocacy: The advocacy team speaks and acts on behalf of people with disabilities. We also have a Consumer Council for internal representation.

Giving Back: Volunteering in the community offers an opportunity to make a positive difference.

Art Therapy: These classes explore the role art can have in developing personal empowerment and creative fulfillment.

Recreational Activities:

  • Horseback Riding: This activity is fun and it can help improve balance and coordination.
  • Theater (Smile Mark Players): The theater program provides an opportunity to showcase acting and other artistic talents

The Senior Program

We understand the supports seniors need to be healthy, happy, and active. Our long-established Senior Program was specifically developed to focus on the changing needs of adults with disabilities as they enter and advance into their senior years. Program participants have the advantage of direct case management and assessment services, personal improvement opportunities, and social and recreational activities.