ChildrenConnect: Newnan Children’s Museum, Inc.

ChildrenConnect is a museum that offers children educational opportunities through various play opportunities that engage them with the real world understanding of science, math, nature, history, and society. At this time, our primary funding focus is to establish a Pretend City Exhibit.


ChildrenConnect Museum encourages all children to discover the connections in the world around them through meaningful play and creative exploration.

Organization History

ChildrenConnect Newnan Children’s was founded in 2015. The museum established itself in an historic building provided by the local government. The Board of Directors include founding members.

ChildrenConnect Newnan Children’s Museum is dedicated to encouraging girls and other under-represented groups to learn more about the world around them through engaging play exhibits. Our demographic population comes from Coweta, Troup Meriwether, Fayette, and Caroll Counties. These counties are all located in southwest Georgia. Our programs serve youth from every race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status.


ChildrenConnect’s Pretend City Exhibit segments will include, but are not limited to, a hospital, bank, library, and grocery store. We also plan to include a green screen room where kids can create and film a short commercial, news cast, or short film. Newnan currently has a strong local film industry. This green screen room will help kids look at the creative media world and learn about all the aspects that go into making a film. 

We have sketched plans for our own pretend city. However, the Pretend City Museum in Irvine California, has a concept that is close to what we are looking to do here in Newnan GA. To view their efforts, please follow this link:  The Pretend City Museum educational philosophy is also very close to what we have imagined for our museum, a place where kids can come and learn whilst having fun.