Wellcare for Humanity

Wellcare for Humanity International strives to bridge the gap between homecare and transportation to medical appointments for low- and no-income elderly and disabled patients to ensure they receive the optimal medical attention they need and deserve. We are seeking support for our Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). 


Wellcare for Humanity International strives to serve those in need and helps tend to the physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual well-care of individuals throughout our global community. Our mission is to help rebuild communities and people throughout the world through effective partnerships, collaborations and strategic initiatives with individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and corporations globally. Wellcare for Humanity International brings communities together in order to identify and implement strategy and solutions aimed to provide resources and elevate the wellbeing of those domestically and internationally.


According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, assisted living and other residential settings represent a critical component of long-term services and support systems for older adults who cannot live alone but do not require the skilled care provided by nursing homes. Residential care residents are overwhelmingly female; over half are over the age of 85 while 10 percent are younger than 65. 

 Organization History

Wellcare for Humanity received its 501c3 status in 2013. As seasoned Adult Daycare Administrators, Transportation Directors, Registered Nurses, and Social Workers, we elected to expand what we were doing on our own individually into a Nonprofit so that we could better accommodate the needs of the clients we were helping. Having served as the Assistant Administrator, Community Liason, and Transportation Director for the Antelope Valley Adult Day Healthcare Center, Inc. for 9 years before becoming the Community Liason for Elite Home Care, Inc. for the last 7 years, I have personally witnessed the issues that patients face in our region.

We have had numerous volunteers assist us in our ongoing effort to ensure that patients are able to have access to their critical medical appointments. The lack of adequate access to public transportation and/or lack of family who can drive patients to their appointments has driven us to do something about this gap in care for the elderly. Occasionally, some of these patients are homeless. This has driven us to pursue a Residential Care Facility to provide the follow-up care necessary for many of the homeless elderly who are discharged before they are completely healed or recovered after surgery.


The Residential Care Facility project is one that we feel very strongly about. Far too many of the patients that are homeless, elderly, or mentally ill are discharged without follow-up care. Without proper sanitary conditions in which they can rest and heal, their wounds or illnesses become further infected or exacerbated. Proper care is essential for them to fully recover.

Within the current healthcare climate, there is a significant gap in care that drives many ill and elderly to homelessness due to unstable medical conditions and financial uncertainty. Our clients are recent discharges from hospitals, convalescent homes, or skilled nursing facilities. Many do not have short-term or long-term health care insurance. Our RCFE program will provide room and board, housekeeping, supervision and personal care assistance with basic activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating, walking and transportation to medical appointments. Any person or organization may refer or recommend clients. We have established strong collaborations with local health care facilities and hospitals who contact us to assist with the transportation or after care of their discharges.  In the next calendar year, we intend to provide residential care for up to six low- to no-income and under-served elderly and disabled individuals.  

The video below is for another successful project we have completed.